On Sunday, December 17th the front of the church was full of musicians! Our “one of a kind” choir” was in their usual spot in the choir loft, but an array of musicians from bari-sax players to flautists filled the space on what is called the dais. This group is known as the Port Perry United Church Band. This concert band rehearses Sundays after church (around 11:10 a.m.), 3 to 4 weeks prior to each performance and they perform on a Sunday morning in December and then again in May. At least 7 pieces are prepared for the big day. Port Perry High School retired music teacher, Charles White, conducts the band and welcomes all instrumental players grades 8 and up. The band includes teens, adults and seniors!! Charles has a wonderful way of encouraging talent and building that great band sound. Curious about participating come the spring? Then contact Charles White to let him know you are interested in participating. You can email him at charles.jan.white @gmail.com.