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Day Forty

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Matthew 27:57-61

Mark 15: 42-47

Luke 23:50-56

John 19:38-42

 What would we risk to be followers of Jesus? Here, we have two examples of people willing to take a stand. One is a respected member of the Jewish Court, who was a follower of Jesus. He informed Pilot of Jesus’ death and asked to take down his body. Joseph honoured Jesus by wrapping him in new linens, and buried him in a sealed tomb. Mary Magdalene, and Mary, Mother of Joseph kept watch from the cross to the tomb. Jesus’ disciples had run off before the “trial.” People of faith remained with Jesus, before his promise was revealed.

Who are we? What will we risk in his name?

Elizabeth Fulford

 Editor’s note: 4 scripture readings have been given today so that we might note that the gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all tell the story of Jesus, but in different ways and with different emphasis. As people of faith, if you have a little extra time today, you might choose to read about Holy Week from each of the gospel’s perspectives. Matthew chapters 21 to 27; Mark chapters 11 to 15; Luke chapters 19 to 23 and John chapters 12 to 19.